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Cedar Shake Alternative Roofing in Broomfield

Cedar Shake Alternative Roofing Broomfield consists of hand-splitting wood and then laying individual pieces. It is appealing and gives a rustic feel to your home.

There are two types of shakes, synthetic and natural. Natural shakes can be expensive to maintain as they are prone to rotting, fungal growth, and wear and tear. Some advantages of wooden shakes are their energy efficiency and recyclability. Wooden shakes are effective against wind damage and fire which makes them the right choice.

But there are also certain disadvantages to having wooden shakes. They need frequent coating as they are susceptible to rot, wear and tear. Since they are flammable, they are not advisable in areas prone to forest or bush fires. An alternative to natural shakes is synthetic shakes. They look like wood, are easy to maintain, and are fire-resistant. Fiberglass woven mats, covered with asphalt are also easy to maintain and replace.

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