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Roofing Contractors Denver, CO

With 12 years of proven success in quality roofing services in Denver, CO, Golden Spike Roofing is a family-owned & operated company serving the greater Denver area. Our expert Denver roofing contractors have been dedicated to providing the best roofing services available to Denver metro area homeowners and businesses.

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Superior Roofing Services in Denver

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Golden Spike Roofing

Denver Area Experts

Licensed throughout Colorado

Highly Trained Staff

Constantly training with manufacturers.

Committed to Quality

Check out our five-star reviews.

Guaranteed Work

We offer a 5 year installation labor guarantee.

Quality Materials

When ever possible new materials will be delivered directly to the roof top.

Free Estimates

We offer free inspections and estimates for repairs and full roofs replacements.

One Point of Contact

Project manager will assist you with your insurance from claim to completion.

How We Work

Our Standard Working Process



We visit your site to gain a thorough understanding of what needs to be addressed. While inspecting we take meticulous notes and photos for the roof and all interior/exterior affected areas.


Detailed Proposal

We provide detailed cash estimates, as well as handle insurance claims and ensure all work is done to local codes.


Project Installation

Your project manager will be your point of contact, ensuring that your job runs as smoothly as possible.


Final Inspection

We will schedule and provide access as needed for all mid and final roof inspections.


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