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4 Details to Discuss When You Get a New Roof

Roof replacement is a big project. While it might only take a couple of days, the replacement involves the removal of the old roof and installation of the new roof — and all its parts. In fact, your roof consists of a lot more than just shingles.

Reputable roofers will bring up any additions they believe are necessary for your project. However, you may find it helpful to research these four roof details before you meet with your contractor.

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House Styles That Shake Alternative Shingles Would Complement

At one time, wooden shingles were the standard. The two common styles are smooth shingles and their rustic counterpart, the shake. Fabricators use special crafting tools to split lumber to make shakes, a process that leaves the shingle looking rough-hewn.

Because some homeowners don’t want the upkeep of real wood roofing, manufacturers have started making shake alternative shingles out of other materials such as asphalt and composite. While shake alternative roofs would look handsome on any house, the roofing would especially complement certain architectural styles.

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